The Iron Price

Hey. I'm Katie. I have a lot of obsessions and fandoms. I go through periods where I post a lot and then disappear. I'm not a consistent blogger. Oops. But hey, at least I can admit it.

BE WARNED: I don't make any of this. If my life depended on photoshop and .gif making, I would die quickly.


Sometimes you make me the most frustrated person on this planet. It’s like you don’t even realize any of the shit that you do and then act like you’re the more sensible and caring of the two of us. So let me tell you something so I can clear this up for you.

You spend an average of 10 hours per day on the Internet. While you spend another 10 sleeping. Add 2.5 hours for eating. That’s 22.5 hours right there. That hour and a half that you aren’t eating, sleeping, or doing whatever it is you do on the Internet… I have to fight and argue to spend with you. And that’s not fair. At all. You need to realize that.

I sit on my ass and occupy myself. Yeah, I might say something to you. Only I have to say it two or three times for you to even respond because you’re too busy talking to people you don’t even know from Adam, fabricating a life you know you’ll never live on an MMO. For once, I’d like you to live in the real world, with me. Your girlfriend. The person who holds you at night when you’re not feeling well. The person who tells you we always make it. The person who always tells you everything will work out in the end. You know, the girl who sits beside you all day and wakes up next to you every morning.

Except tonight, because I’m sleeping on the couch. Why you ask? Because I fought to get the opportunity to go to Walmart with you, to spend 30 minutes with you to get envelopes to ship this book. You said you would go with me. But you were too involved in your MMO to get off at a decent time. You quit at 1:30AM after countless times of telling you, “hey, it’s *time*, when you are getting off so we can go?”. And when you got off you know what you said? You said “Do we have to go? Can we go tomorrow? I have to wake up early to clean out my car before I take it to get my turn signals fixed.” It hurts that your game is so important to you that you won’t even spend 30 minutes with me. The amount of time I get to actually spend legitimate time with you is usually when we let the dog out, the twenty minutes before bed, and if I’m lucky, eating dinner. If I don’t fight and beg to do something with you, I would never have a conversation with you and I would never get to do anything at all with you.

I’m tempted to delete that game from my computer. You’ve told me so many times that you won’t spend as much time on the computer so you can give me the love and affection that I need to feel secure in our relationship. You tell me you’re going to take a break for the next few days. But the next few days always seems to turn into “something happened and I swear I’ll take my break tomorrow!” And it never happens.

I don’t feel secure in our relationship. I feel like the thing bringing up the rear on your list of priorities. MMO, cigarette, food, sleep, dog, hygiene, Katie. I feel like I could walk out the door right now and you wouldn’t even care anymore. And it hurts. It hurts in my heart of hearts knowing that in the beginning I was the most important thing to you and being happy together was your number one priority, no matter what it took. Now, I’m laying here, feeling rejected and unimportant. This is something YOU have to fix. I’ve done all I can and I’m ready to walk out the door and never look back. Which is what hurts the most.







Never thought I’d be getting pedantic about a Rent GIF set of all things, but here we are!

The line is “mutual masturbation” which feels kind of important here. 


How do you even get ‘mucho’?

No, wait, it is definitely supposed to be mucho. I just listened to both recordings to verify. It’s a joke about how lonely Mark is. 

I’m totally seeing it as both now that I’m looking it up - WHERE MY RENT NERDS AT, WHATS THE STORY HERE?


16 year old me would have never thought, “If I have a question about RENT lyrics in the future, I can just ask Anthony Rapp on the internet and he’ll answer within the hour.”

technology is magical.

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compulsory reblog

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I get the most flack from anybody but I don’t do anything illegal.

She’s not a bad person. You see she cursed and apologized for it. She’s obviously still adorable, and hasn’t gone full blown crazy.

Yo I’ve got a lot of time for Miley as a person, even if i’m not a huge fan of her performance ethics- she seems like a nice enough girl.

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So, I might be really late, but I found out Farrah from Teen Mom made a sex tape with a porn star. This didn’t happen recently or anything, but I knew about it. Today, though, I found it somewhere in the depths of the interwebz that I tend to get into when I’m really bored and watched the five minute clip. Yes, I watched the WHOLE clip. While watching it I realized her boobs don’t move. Now, I’m no stranger to sex and know whether a female is on top or bottom, your titties bounce. Her’s were seriously in place the whole time and never once moved even when she was getting nailed doggy style. I knew her boobs were fake and all because they went through that on the show. But REALLY? 

tl;dr: Everyone’s favorite whiney Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham, had sex with a porn star and her boobs don’t move and look like rocks.

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What’s comin’ will come, an’ we’ll meet it when it does.


New images from Doctor Who: The Time of the Doctor premiering December 25th at 9/8c on BBC America.

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